Before the Mission Begins by Christi Snow

When the Mission Ends #.5
Published February 14, 2013 by Christi Snow
61 pages
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Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Sources: Author for an Honest Review
Rating: LOVED IT

Before his mission began, he went home. 24 hours to say goodbye to his twin sister.

Instead he found her. A girl that was nothing like the one he thought he knew.

They have 24 hours. 24 hours before he deploys on an extremely dangerous mission. 24 hours together in a freak West Texas snowstorm. 24 hours that will have to get them both through the awful next year.

When the resident good-girl decides to take on the visiting bad-boy, 24 hours is all it takes to change their lives forever.

This is the story of the 24 hours that no one knew ever occurred…until now.

The timeline of this novella is set before the When the Mission Ends trilogy occurs, but this book is actually meant to be read between Book #2, Operation: Endeavor, and Book #3, Operation: Endurance. (Source: Goodreads)

As soon as I finished Operation: Endeavor, I knew there was a story we were missing. I thought it was just going to be played out in the Operation: Endurance, but Christi decided to gift us the ultimate romantic and sexy beginning to Chris and Julie. Since this is the third installment in the series, we are already invested in the Robertson family and Cassie’s girlfriends and don’t need introductions. You’ll feel right at home from the very beginning.

A series of circumstances bring Chris and Julie together. 24 hours. Her fears. His talents. Like all of Christi’s men, Chris is all alpha-male with a heart as big as Texas. He takes charge of the situation and won’t stop till the mission is accomplished. The problem is that he didn’t anticipate getting way more than he bargained for.

I started it before bed, but woke in the middle of the night restless. The tenderness and passion just melt off the page. I just had to finish it. Then when I was finished, I thought “I’ve got to reread the series.” Are there clues in Endgame and Endeavor? Are there reactions that I didn’t notice at the time? Is that why he is behaving that way?

Dreams can come true.


I never link up the buying information, but you have to read it. So go forth buy, read, swoon.

# 1 Operation: Endgame | Kindle  $2.99 | Nook $2.99
# 2 Operation: Endeavor | Kindle  $2.99
#.5 Before the Mission Begins | Kindle $.99
# 3 Operation: Endurance (April 2013)

14 responses to “Before the Mission Begins by Christi Snow

  1. Thanks for the great review, Amy! I’m so happy that you’re enjoying this series. smiles…

  2. Your review pretty much sums it up and says everything I felt when I finished. A re-read is definitely in my future. 😉 I’m going to miss these guys. *sigh*

  3. Sounds like this series is not to be missed, especially with all of you organizing a re-read! Adding to my TBR.

  4. okay, now i have to read this whole series. 🙂

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